NR Eyebrow Stencil with tie, Eyebrow Powder & Mascara All-In-One Kit, Reusable, Waterproof, Long-lasting color, Easy to Use, for Symmetrical & Perfectly Aligned Eyebrows, Everyday!

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Product Description:

Have you been trying hard to perfect your eyebrows during your make-up routine but getting your eyebrow shaping all wrong! It may be due to an unsteady hand or a lack of skill. No matter what it is, we now have a solution to get you the perfect eyebrows every single time, using our Eyebrow Stencil All-In-One Kit, which comes with 12 different eyebrow stencils so you can choose one that suits you best, eyebrow powder, tie, mascara & accessories for perfect application. This kit has all the essentials necessary for easily achieving the eyebrow shape that works for you!  

Achieve an eyebrow shape that enhances your facial features, with ease and perfection, everyday.

Product Features:

Reusable: Eyebrow Stencil is made of high-quality PEVA material, which is more comfortable, durable and soft.

Perfect Eyebrow Shape using stencils with a tie/string: Eyebrow Stencils come with a tie that helps with positioning the stencils correctly for the perfect eyebrow shape. Its integrated design ensures perfect alignment of the eyebrow stencil on both sides, giving you symmetrical brows each time. Kit contains 12 different eyebrow stencils to choose from.

Easy to use: The One-Step Eyebrow styling kit makes it easier for you to shape and enhance your eyebrows. It is easy for beginners too. The eyebrow stencil kit is equipped with a tie, that wraps around the forehead and holds the eyebrow stencil in place, so you do not have to worry about alignment or holding the stencil in place.

Mascara (Black): 100% high quality, unique, compact & water-proof. The tail design at the top can also be used as an auxiliary tool for drawing eyelashes, which can easily draw curled eyelashes. Fine and silky texture. Long-lasting!


Multi-Purpose: The powder is long-lasting.  It is sweat-proof/water-proof. You can use it for makeup in general.

A variety of combinations: 12 different shapes of eyebrow templates with 4 colors of eyebrow powder (Black, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Light Brown), lets you have a new makeup every day!

How To Use Step-By-Step:

Step 1: Trim the eyebrows as required.

Step 2: Pass the tie through the holes on both sides of the eyebrow stencil, position the stencil over your eyebrows and secure the tie at the back of your head, to hold it in place.

Step 3: Using the eyebrow powder, gently apply by patting on the areas of your eyebrow that you want to color,  starting from the outer end of the eyebrow, until the filling is complete. For best results, do not wipe or spread the eyebrow powder.

Step 4: Use an eyebrow brush to gently sweep along the direction of hair growth, to achieve perfect coverage.

Step 5: Use a cotton swab, clean up residual brow powder on the face, if required.

How To Use Mascara Step-by-Step:

Step 1: Remove the brush from the tube.

Step 2: Place the top mermaid tail template behind the eyelashes.

Step 3: Apply mascara normally.

Package Includes:

Eyebrow Powder x 1

Eyebrow Stencil (with tie) x 12 variations

Mascara (Black) x 1

Eyebrow Brush x 1

Eyebrow  Trimmer x1

Cotton Swabs x10

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